from Oprah Magazine: “Luminous…Dinerstein brings a contagious wonder to her storytelling.”

from The Wall Street Journal: “The Sunlit Night is an original work of gentle irony counterpoised by delightful sincerity, which offers distinct turns of phrase with precision and beauty.”

from The New Yorker: "This darkly charming début novel takes a thoughtful look at the uncertainty of young adulthood."

from The New York Times: "The Norwegian Arctic of Dinerstein’s imagination is a strange and wonderful place, half stark wilderness and half Scandi-kitsch paradise. The constant sunlight of midsummer feeds the book’s dreamy, surreal quality."

from The Huffington Post: "The Sunlit Coming-of-Age Story Every Wes Anderson Fan Should Read...The oddball humor and pensive lyricism of Frances’s narrative, as well as Yasha’s poignant quest, feel alive and engaging...Dinerstein evokes this powerful shift with blunt, visual language...The Sunlit Night heralds the beginning of an intriguing career in fiction during which Dinerstein will hopefully continue to take us off the beaten path."

from Publishers Weekly Starred Review: A "captivating debut novel...[Dinerstein's] prose is lyrical and silky, but it’s also specific, with acute observations and precise detail, and she evokes the sun-stroked, barren Norwegian landscape with a striking sense of place...With provocative insights about the cruelty of abandonment, the concept of home, and the limits of parental and filial love, Dinerstein’s novel is a rich reading experience."

from Slate: "
Dinerstein has a totally singular voice: economical but intense, her metaphors so tightly built that you can’t imagine losing a single word from any sentence. She writes about relationships—their early bliss, their slow unraveling—with unbelievable precision and humor."

from The New York Post: “[A] poetically written novel that reminds us that love is more important than geography.”

from Elle Magazine: “Dinerstein’s special blend of melancholy and hope renders a character-rich, multifaceted story.”

from National Geographic Traveler: “Two broken strangers meet by chance on a stark, sun-blasted Norwegian archipelago above the Arctic Circle; each has come in search of solitude among the mountains and fjords, but in Dinerstein’s poetic debut novel, something else unexpectedly blooms.”

from NYLON: “It offers exactly what you’d ask of a summer read: sultriness, risk, and an ending that feels like the beginning of something solid.”

from Bustle:The Sunlit Night is a rare find: it’s a literary love story, but for all its nuance, it still has the ability to make you giddy…with precision and ease, Dinerstein gives us a love story that’s about so much more.”

from Conde Nast Traveler: 
“[Dinerstein is] spectacularly talented...The isolation and eerie beauty of the terrain [is] so perfectly rendered.” —Vendela Vida

from KQED, NPR Radio: "…Told in gorgeous taut prose…hard to put down.”

from Marie Claire: "After both experiencing loss, Yasha and Frances find solace in each other in the unlikeliest of places: the Arctic Viking Museum. Plus, it's funny!"

from ShelfAwareness: "In her first novel, Rebecca Dinerstein has demonstrated a level of mastery that would be impressive even in a much more seasoned writer. The Sunlit Night is a funny, wise and tender story, a near perfect blend of disparate elements that's reflected in the ambiguous, yet vaguely hopeful, ending that provides the fitting conclusion to this unusual love story."

from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Dinerstein's crystalline prose floats off the page, her storytelling delights and surprises. She takes on the travails, absurdities and human failings with warmth and humor, embracing it all and reminding us through her characters to do the same."

from Woman's Day: "This funny and deftly written novel reflects on how running away and coming home can

from Kirkus Reviews: “Dinerstein’s deliciously melancholy debut…is light and lyrical and her descriptions of the far north are intoxicating…A poetic premise with language to match.”

from "…Lyrically savvy…Dinerstein gives us the beauty of landscape and some bits of psychological thriller, but mostly she gifts us with the poetic and surreal --mixing together an uncommon and inspired story.”

from Booklist: "Vivid characters and locales, a buoyant prose style, and a slightly off-kilter sensibility make Dinerstein's first novel shine."

from Library Journal: "Readers will delight in the often surprising turns of phrase offered by debut novelist Dinerstein…The unusual setting and evocative language will appeal to those looking for a summer read with a bit more depth."

from American Booksellers Association's Indie Next List: A “warm and quirky debut filled with unusual characters and situations, a setting that is real yet somehow out of time, visual and precise writing, emotional warmth, and faith in the healing power of love.”

from KMUW Public Radio: "In lucid and lyrical prose, The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein tells the story of two disparate souls...Dinerstein’s writing is as illuminating as the sun is bright in this charming novel of family, fathers and where we have to go to find what we need."

from The Norwegian American Weekly: "
Like the brightness of a months-long summer day, the power of Dinerstein’s descriptive prose carries this lyrical, literary novel...the characters, well-drawn and sometimes even surprising, make realistic choices as summer finally comes to an end and their complicated lives go on."

from Omnivoracious: “[A] darkly comic love story…Lyrical and poetic – but also earthy and funny – it’s a powerful debut.”

from Electric Literature: “It’s hard to read The Sunlit Night without feeling as though you’re enveloped in warmth, swathed by the author’s lyricism and imagery. The sensation is one unique to Dinerstein’s hand—and perfectly matched for the sun-soaked Nordic tale of lives intersecting at the top of the world.”

from The Columbus Dispatch: “Luminous…It’s almost impossible to read the book without being drawn into sharing her yearning for the place.”

from Do South Magazine: "
Trained as a poet, Dinerstein excels as a writer. Her descriptions are beautiful and precise. And her characters are complex, often funny, and totally flawed. If you’re looking for a book to escape the heat of August, this is the one for you."

from KMUW (Watermark Books): “Lucid and lyrical…Dinerstein’s writing is as illuminating as the sun is bright in this charming novel of family, fathers and where we have to go to find what we need.”

from UK Daily Mail: "Observant and witty...[a] striking sense of place and effortless evocation of grief that push the two central characters towards each other."

from The Sydney Morning Herald: "
Sound quirky? Rebecca Dinerstein's shiny debut novel is — delightfully so."

from Culture Street (Australia): "Set to a stunning backdrop, The Sunlit Night is a staggering debut about finding love through loss."

from The Globe and Mail (Canada): "A wholly satisfying novel about finding family among life’s fellow travellers."

from Fathom: "Quirky and dark despite the light, with vivid descriptions of the crisp air, barren landscapes, and seductive silences."

from Hello Giggles: "This is a book on learning how to be alone. And it’s just spectacular."


from The Telegraph | Stella Magazine's "Meet Rebecca Dinerstein: the latest US literary sensation": "At 21, native New Yorker Rebecca Dinerstein took off for the Arctic to seek inspiration. Now 27, her debut novel sparked a bidding war - and praise from Jonathan Safran Foer."

from Jenny Slate: "Lucky to spend today w a galley copy of @beckydinerstein's SUPERB debut novel 'The Sunlit Night' I just loved it. Wow"

from Publishers Weekly's "Most Anticipated Debut Novels of Spring 2015": "In 2009, on a poetry fellowship from Yale, the newly graduated Dinerstein traveled to Norway, settling in an art colony in Lofoten, an archipelago in the Arctic..."

from TOPSHOP's "What to Read on World Book Day": "Start swooning. This might just be our book of 2015. Two young people cross paths in the middle of nowhere – literally, on a tiny island in the north Norwegian sea – after leaving their chaotic Manhattan lives and find themselves falling for each other under the never-setting sun. We devoured it in three days flat."

from Huffington Post's "18 Brilliant Books You Won't Want To Miss This Summer": "Written while Dinerstein secluded herself on an island in the Norwegian Sea, where the sun never sets for months at a time, this debut choreographs the meeting of two lost souls in the desolate, sunlit landscape of the Far North. Dinerstein has previously published a collection of English-Norwegian poems, suggesting she may bring the lyrical delicacy and cultural understanding needed to make this story sing."

from Bustle's "17 Of The Best Books Of Summer 2015": "Get swept away to remote Norway with Dinerstein’s lyrical prose about lovers Frances and Yasha. The sites are picturesque, the love is real, and anything can happen."

from Marie Claire's "7 Books You Have to Read This Summer": "After both experiencing loss, Yasha and Frances find solace in each other in the unlikeliest of places: the Arctic Viking Museum. Plus, it's funny!"

from Los Angeles Times' "Summer Reading Guide": "A young artist going through a painful breakup and a teenage boy whose father has just died form a friendship on an island north of the Arctic Circle."

from Flavorwire's "10 Must-Read Books for June": "Dinerstein’s debut, which launched a bidding war among U.S. publishers, is the result of time spent on fellowship in the arctic, with its alien sense of day and night. Complete with Balzacian section titles, The Sunlit Night is already being hailed as the work of a young master."

from The Forward's "12 Books We're Looking Forward To In 2015: "Dinerstein’s much buzzed-about debut novel is a fanciful Arctic Circle romance between a Russian immigrant raised in a Brighton Beach bakery and a Manhattanite seeking refuge in a Norwegian artists’ colony."

Praise from Booksellers

from Bank Square BooksThe Sunlit Night is a wondrous, lovely, remarkable debut telling people's stories that intertwine as gorgeously as the northern lights shine above the Arctic Circle on a clear winter night. Rebecca Dinerstein has crafted a debut set high on the Arctic Circle that is full of odd characters who find themselves converging in this cold land in a way that makes you sigh with pleasure upon the realization that they were on parallel paths since the first page.  A stupendous debut!” —Annie Philbrick, Bank Square Books, Mystic, Connecticut

from Arcadia Books: “The story of young Frances and Yasha is a love story unlike any I have read before: two lost souls coming together in the midnight sun of northern Norway, the landscape a true character in this completely surprising and unforgettable tale of searching, and finding, one’s path through the darkness.” —Melanie Fleishman, Arcadia Books, Spring Green, Wisconsin

from Copperfield's Books: "The Sunlit Night is at heart a tender novel where characters with all too familiar heartbreak chose utterly unusual ways to cope with & explore their experiences. Two young bereft souls end up in a remote northern-most point of Norway in pursuit of light - or perhaps clarity. That they discover new depths to themselves as well as each other speaks to the remarkable sensitivity of the author as well as to the truth of how grief can in fact follow a whimsical path in its demand to be expressed come what may. What a vivid and moving story!" —Sheryl Cotleur, Frontlist Buyer, Copperfield's Books, Sebastopol, California

from Square Books: "The Sunlit Night is part CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, part A Midsummer Night's Dream, and part As I Lay Dying, and a beautifully deep mix of New York and Norway. Rebecca Dinerstein's writing is as amazing as a midnight sun and as incandescent as the northern lights—a lovely, warmhearted novel." —Lisa Howorth, author of Flying Shoes and co-owner of Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi

from The Vermont Bookshop: "As incandescent as a night in the land of the midnight sun, Rebecca Dinerstein's writing transported me to a superfine world. With breathtakingly original prose and authentic dialogue and characters to connect with, this novel has it all. When Frances is fortunately jilted, she recommits to a painting apprenticeship with a notable Norwegian artist who resides far above the Arctic Circle. And when Yasha's world gets incredibly complicated incredibly quickly, the far north beckons to him as well. Add in a viking ship, the magical goat of Valhalla, a fictional mother to end all mothers, and you have an altogether satisfying, enjoyable, clever, funny and endearing book. I simply loved every word in it. Dinerstein is a fine new talent." —Jenny Lyons, Director of The Vermont Bookshop, Middlebury, VT

Advance Praise

from Jonathan Safran Foer: "Lyrical as a poem, psychologically rich as a thriller, funny, dark, warm, and as knowing of place as any travel book or memoir, The Sunlit Night marks the appearance of a brave talent."

from Darin Strauss: "By turns ravishing and hilarious, The Sunlit Night is more than a shining debut—it's the work of a young master. Dinerstein writes of her two lovers with sensitivity and chutzpah: human drama, a nightless summer, the transformative power of nature. Here's an exciting new voice that sings perfectly in key."

from Jenny Offill: "A richly imagined and darkly comic story about loneliness and love at the top of the world."

from Maggie Shipstead: "Dinerstein has done readers a big favor not only by writing this luminous story about love, family, and the bewilderment of being young but also by bringing them into an otherworldly setting: a nightless Arctic summer on the spectacular Lofoten Islands. Enchanting in every way."

from Vanessa Diffenbaugh: "A poignant exploration of what it means to be alone in love, by a stunningly talented young writer."

from Jenny Slate: "The Sunlit Night is exhilarating. Its story and prose are unflinchingly young and undeniably wise at the same time. Funny, straight forward, heartbreaking and startling, this work is one that gets our appetites up: The appetites for more life lived, for love and community, for knowing ourselves and finding our way through gorgeous and unknown places, the appetites for relief and letting go. It's a book that you will be thankful for reading, and one that you will miss once it's over."